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 Hey there. I believe this is where I need to make an introduction. Right?

Alright. Most of you old folks knows me from my old blog ( White Sh@dow) where I used to write about Politics & Social activities. Took a long break from blogging mainly for self exploration which I am still doing and I am sure its not ending any time soon.

What I do for Living?

I have been working in Digital Marketing and PR sector for past 6+ years. I am a certified Football Coach and also consult brands about Sports Marketing.

What are my Specialities?

* Digital Strategy & Advertising
* SEM, Analytics &  PPC Management
* Public Relations and Media Management
* Sports Marketing & Club Management
* Football (Soccer) Coaching

Where I have served?

These are some of the top brands / Organisations i have worked with either as full time or on project basis.

Where I served







Where I have travelled?

Apart from travelling within Pakistan ( that’s where I currently live) I have been to

* Malaysia
* Maldives
* Sri Lanka

What I am passionate about?

I am pretty much passionate about everything I put my foot into. But mostly I love talking football, digital technologies & trends and playing Football Manager game. 🙂

How can I be contacted?

I am available for Consultancy & Speaking opportunities. You can contact me through medium of your choice.


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